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FHYAA Board of Directors

Last Name First Name Position Email Contact
Dean Paul President President@fhyaa.org
Keese Sara Vice President Vice_President@fhyaa.org
Mulhern Sara Treasurer Treasurer@fhyaa.org
Pointon Mark Secretary Secretary@fhyaa.org
Blondin David Volleyball Commissioner david.blondin@fhyaa.org
Carucci Michael Lacrosse Commissioner (Overall) Boyslax@fhyaa.org
Cramer Josh Baseball Commissioner josh.cramer@fhyaa.org
Dacey John Rugby Commissioner Rugby007@aol.com
Gorham Catherine Basketball Commissioner basketball@fhyaa.org
Hairston Ricky Football Commissioner football@fhyaa.org
Daly John Softball Commissioner (vice Tom Hardy) john.daly@fhyaa.org
Crisp Shannon Director (2021) (Lacrosse) shannon.crisp@fhyaa.org
Devlin Patrick Director (2021) patrick_devlin@fhyaa.org
Harris Jack Director (2020) (& Basketball Ass’t Commish) jack.harris@fhyaa.org
Holzworth John Director (2021) john.holzman@fhyaa.org
Kerr Margaret Director (2021) margaret.r.kerr@fhyaa.org
Kordon-Cortes Tricia Director (2020) (Baseball) tricia.cortes@fhyaa.org
Lang Sarah Director (2020) sarah.lang@fhyaa.org
Leach Brian Director (2021) brian.leach@fhyaa.org
Lyle Brian Director (2020) brian.lyle@fhyaa.org
Stamos John Director (2020) john.stamos@fhyaa.org
    As of January 2022